Illuminating Depravity

by Burn The Fleet

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released July 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Burn The Fleet Denver, Colorado

Started winter of 2010. Forerunner ep released winter 2011. Shred was spread throughout 2012. WE CHANGED OUR NAME FROM FLAGSHIP TO BURN THE FLEET. Illuminating Depravity will be released July 2015.

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Track Name: Hot Glue And Hope
Everyday beats me down
Time is chipping away at my soul
I have nothing left but hate in this cold dead heart
Lying buried in a decaying body
But I look to my friends they have always been there
And always will be to keep me together
With nothing, nothing but hot glue and hope
Lying buried in a decaying body
But I might just make it to the end with the help of my dearest friends
I’m held together by their love
I didn’t know I could live on hot glue and hope
The only wisdom I can impart is to know
You are never forsaken when you have hot glue and hope
But I look to my friends, they have always been there
And always will be to keep me together
With nothing, nothing but hot glue and hope.
Track Name: The Wicked, The Depraved
I’ve got faith in man!
That he’ll fail at every turn
I know because I have failed
I have failed to uphold what is right
I’ve tried to hope for a better world
But my innocent idealism has been set straight
Becoming so jaded
Words cannot express my dissatisfaction
We are capable of so much more
Apparently it’s not attractive
To have a conscience
What happened to dignity?
What happened to respect?
The tree of life distorted and maligned
This wickedness runs deep through the roots
Without the light it cannot grow
I must wash myself clean
This rain will wash away my transgressions
I must undo the wickedness in a sea of depravity
Track Name: Imperial Exterminatus
I have come to the greatest realization of all
No insult can be greater than to be compared to you humans
It causes me more and more pain
No greater disrespect can be paid
Than to be compared to the likes of you
I can’t believe the world I’m forced to watch every day
This evil cannot last forever
One day a real rain will come
Not of water but of fire
It will be as though the seven seals and seven trumpets were unleashed at once
It will scour the planet
Scourging the land of filth
None will be left alive
It will end the human reign upon the earth
It will end the dominion of all life
Survival is not possible
The earth left sterile
I will not weep for the human race
This is the end of all hope
This is exterminatus
Track Name: Autonomous Recalibration
They are here to take everything
You are just a means to their end
This monolith eats away at everything you fight for
Stealing from the poor to give to themselves
Stealing from the rich to lull the masses
No longer needing approval
They seek to fill their pockets
They seek to control for your whole life
Corporatism, nepotism, socialism, despotism
Representation turned dictatorship
The economic planners are planning your ruin.
Dictating beliefs, a negation of truth
Elected kings and queens
Dictators of a new age
Keeping their subjects under the influence
Dulling their senses to the injustice
No end in sight to their abuse
Freedom now a myth
We must fight back
I am no man’s slave
Track Name: The Earth Does Not Need New Continents, But New Men
The corruption of goodness is not unique to one side
The purity of your character is not defined by labels
But by the decisions you make
Those you degrade, disrespect, and abuse
Will see you as no hero
You say your side has the “truth”
Well the truth is a dime a dozen
If faith is outmoded by reason
Why does it lead you to this treason?
How can you not see the common thread?
The human element marks our wickedness
Not our beliefs but our corrupt existence
The human stain on the face of the world
Each person spreading their lies with a forked tongue
Fighting intolerance with intolerance
Stopping ignorance with thinly veiled hate
Acceptance a fairy tale to help us sleep at night
Oh how we wonder why progress never comes
Love like life, cannot flourish mired in this human sewage
Humanities proficiency in violating decency
Track Name: Stargazers (Interlude)
Track Name: The Next Chapter
I'm encompassed by fear
Staring at the blank pages
This chapter remains unwritten
What do I dread more?
Heartbreak on the pages
Or that they remain blank
Facing the adversity
Will I rise?
Or fall?
Like so many others
If these pages only reveal pain it’s enough
Because at least I can feel something
Ink the quill
I'm not done yet
Track Name: Matryoshka
Every day I crave to just be me
But it’s a “me” I can never be
I’ll forever be what they want me to be
I’ll forever be what they see
My will to survive, I strive to exist
For that I must hide deep within myself
I am still left behind
I desire to peel away each false layer that they have made for me
I desire to peel away what isn’t me
Who I am is suffocating under layers of your lies
I am trying to find the “me” that’s hidden deep inside
Choking, the pressure builds inside
These false layers can’t contain my rage
I’m screaming so someone will hear my pain
I’ll destroy everything I’m not
Fueled by righteous anger
I’ll become who I was meant to be
Can’t contain my rage
Can’t contain my hate
Track Name: Vitiator
I know where my heart lies
Not in this false prophet
Bringer of deceit
Bent, crooked, vitiator
First shall be white as light
Bearing a bow to conquer all nations
Not with actions but with words
All will bow before him
They shall rejoice in his victories
Unthinking they will fall
Unthinking they fall
The red dawn comes
With the sword he shall bear wrath upon the innocent
Still the people adore the false one
The one whose mouth is an open grave
With the scales he shall measure
Bringing famine and plague
Bow to the unrighteous and you may feast
Be true my dear brother the hour draws near
Everything, everything goes
(Unthinking they will fall)
The face has grown pale
(The red dawn comes)
Death encompasses all
(Bear true dear brothers)
With the scythe he shall reap
(The hour draws near)
Reap the souls of those who refuse
Refuse to see the real salvation